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At Kat’s you’ll find exquisite Sterling silver, cascading multi-color pearls, exotic sparkling gemstones, hand enameling, leather, and Swarovski crystal designs for you, your loved ones, and coming soon, your pets.   Most designs are truly one-of-a-kind and limited editions.  Add the sterling earring treasures to your collection, and don’t miss our fun KooLoops designed with sterling and leather and silver and hand-enameled charms.  Enjoy dangling two or three from your purse, add them to a wine glass for a very special gift.  And a special secret for you and your friends and family, the charms on the KooLoops are removable. Open the KooLoop to slide the charm off and add it to a chain, charm bracelet, or anklet.  Use your imagination where you want to add them to your belt loop or even a zipper pull.  Adults and kids love them!!!! 

We appreciate you visiting Kat’s Jewelry & Gems and thank you for your support of the Parkinson’s programs that we support with the sales of our jewelry.  Katherine Autin, our founder, creative jewelry artist, and owner started the company out of her passion and love of jewelry and her compassion for the Parkinson’s community.  Her goal is to help raise funds for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and their families.  Katherine is a caregiver for her husband David who was diagnosed with PD more than 16 years ago and she knows personally that the PD journey for the person with PD and their loved ones is a very complicated and difficult one. It is her passion to donate a portion of our jewelry sales to programs that offer education, advocacy, and other specialized programs, such as exercise and innovative programs that enhance the quality of life for those in the Parkinson’s community whom she considers family.  Katherine is also a Parkinson’s Expert and Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA).